Wedding Flowers on a budget - reception decor


You've decided to use artificial flowers for your wedding and there are many good reasons to do so but where do you start, The task can be daunting with so many choices available, So if you're not really a flower person then we'll be able to help. we'll be able to advise on what artificial flowers are out there, on colour combinations and how to put a theme together and most importantly how to remain within budget and still come up with the most appropriate and cost effective designs.

dusky pink wedding reception flowersThere is a vast range of artificial flowers on the market place and prices vary tremendously. We are experts at combining them to create beautiful realistic looking designs, we will always use the best product out there for the job in hand and are not adverse to using the odd plastic flower if it offers a more realistic alternative to a silk bloom and adds to the overall design, although we mainly reserve our use of anything plastic to artificial foliage, some good quality plastic foliage are very realistic and have veining and flocked coatings applied which gives them a texture very similar to the real thing.

To combine flowers and foliage made from numerous materials requires skill and a good eye and can produce beautiful designs if done correctly and having also worked with a huge range of fresh flowers certainly helps when designing with artificial blooms because we are well aware of the feel and look of a fresh flower, the colours they naturally come in, are aware of their seasonal availability and are able to use this knowledge when choosing the most realistic looking artificial blooms to use in your arrangements

Reception flowers and how to avoid blowing the budget

The choices are endless, theres the quest tables and the top table, decisions to make on what flowers to use to decorate the cake all to take into account plus anywhere else that would take an arrangement and what about that flower wall you wanted, its all to easy to get carried away and let your budget run away with you. To avoid breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage it is a good idea to break your budget down into must haves such as an arrangement for the top table and guest tables and then the other items that you would like but aren't essential. this will help you focus on the necessities and help to avoid your costs getting out of hand

Seven Ways to Save the Pennies

  1. If you haven't done so already book a venue with lots of character. Booking somewhere like an historical building, quaint pub or tea garden which already has lots of features will avoid the need to add lots of flowers to liven the place up, this can save a packet on your flower budget
  2. rather than going for lots of smaller arrangements go for one or two statement pieces using large blooms, if choosing artificial blooms you don't need to worry about seasonal availability and the increase in flower costs because artificial flowers are always in season and their prices are the same all year round.
  3. buy some cheap vases and re-use yours and the bridesmaids bouquets as decorations for the guest book table or reception bar
  4. track down a company that hire out vases and props and if using artificial flowers some company's even hire out arrangements, we're actually looking into offering this service ourselves
  5. keep designs simple florists also charge for the time it will take to makeup an arrangement as well as the overall cost of the blooms
  6. get creative and do it yourself, use ready made garlands to decorate chair backs and to surround the cake, buy some striking tall slim vases and fill with a single flower such as a lily, or buy some of our ready made bunches and simply pop into cheap containers, the good thing with using artificial flowers is that you can make up your arrangements months in advance and store them easily until the big day
  7. marry a florist or find yourself a rich husband !

All the above should save you some money, but by simply using artificial flowers you'll already be saving money as they tend to be slightly cheaper than the fresh alternatives.

If you would like to discuss your plans or would like help or advice please get in touch, We are used to working with in budgets and coming up with great ideas for cost effective designs. obviously there are limits but we can usually come up with alternatives,



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