Idea's for choosing Autumn Wedding Flowers

Autumn is a wonderful time to get married and many more Couples than ever before are choosing this time of year to tie the knot. Venues can be cheaper to hire at this time of year and fresh flowers are still reasonably priced, which is useful to know if you intend to put on a lavish floral display.
To ensure your floral designs reflect the season choose flowers such as Hypericuim, Dahlia, Sunflowers. Roses, Calla, Physalis, Leucospernum, Hydrangea, plus add rose hips and blackberries and the blue black of viburnum berries to help set the scene, Embrace the season completely and add conkers, acorns and leaves to your designs in shades or reds and orange or even the odd pumpkin or two as containers for your quest table decor.
Later in the season we have Bonfire night with its sparkles and fireworks to light up the sky or a couple of days earlier we have Halloween with its spiders and cauldrons and things that go bump in the night all lending an ideal opportunity to theme your wedding celebrations
Opting for shades of orange, burgundy, red and browns will always evoke a feeling of autumn no matter what flowers you choose but if this isn't your cup of tea why not add a touch of pastel peach or blush to soften your floral designs.
What ever time of year you plan to wed by choosing seasonal flowers you can be assured the blooms will be in prime condition and at their cheapest which is a major bonus at any time let alone when you have so many other things to budget for.


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