A guide to Artificial Wedding Flower Crowns, Hair Combs and Alice Bands

The Brides headdress completes her whole outfit and should therefore complement the bouquet, Many brides are concerned fresh flowers will not last and opt for artificial blooms to wear in their hair, which is where we come in, we can make up designs to match your wedding bouquet perfectly. We can design something idea for the youngest flower girls to your adult bridesmaids and for yourself using silk or foam flowers or dried materials and incorporate pearls, rhinestones beads and all manner of beautiful additions, but if you do decide to use fresh blooms opt for flowers such as stephanotis, Singapore orchids, cymbidium orchids, gypsophilia plus many varieties of rose would all be suitable as would foliage such as ivy or eucalyptus. If choosing fresh blooms it is important to use materials with lasting qualities as our heads get hot and fresh flowers hate the heat and are prone to wilt quickly under such conditions, alternatively choose artificial flowers and have the delicate flowers you have your heart set on with out the worry.

When choosing what to wear in your hair, the headdress should link with the style of your dress, the fabric and the colour and also with the bridal bouquet, It must also be suitable for the brides or bridesmaids hair style, it is no good choosing a comb or slide fitting if the bride or bridesmaid has short silky hair through which it would slip. the design must also suit the shape of the your face, your hair type and also your chosen style.

Types of Floral Headdress

The flower crown, it can be made any width to suit the person wearing it and from flowers ranging from dainty gypsophilia and other dainty items suitable for a child bridesmaid to large roses peonies and hydrangea more suitable for the adult members of the wedding party, plus the benefit of the full garland design is that it is easy to wear will not slip out of the hair and it suits most types of hair style, It is also very adaptable and on trend at the moment. For boho, country themed weddings why not use dried flowers or for a vintage themed wedding use satin or velvet flowers with pearls beads and lace.

If a full garland is felt to be inappropriate an alice band is a good alternative again it is easy to wear especially for small children who have fine silky hair, another option is a comb or slide onto which a corsage type design is attached.

Another stunning simple idea is to attach single small roses, pearls or daisies or even small clusters of gypsophilia onto wires and get your hairdresser to weave them through out your hair.

Finally If your looking to save some money and fancy having a go at making your own head wear check out our tutorial on how to make a flower crown using silk flowers. Its surprisingly easy and can be made well in advance of your big day.





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